Free Speech Trio

Free Speech Trio: (L to R) Brian Halpin/piano, Mitch Germansky/drums, Carl Scariati/bass
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Brian Halpin/keyboard Mitch Germansky/drums Carl Scariati/bass

PICTURES: PR Photo, 12/8/2013, 4/27/2014 1/31/2015 7/23/2016 10/2/2016

Formed in 2013, this NJ based jazz trio with over 100 years of combined musicianship is delighted to bring its vibrant interpretation of jazz, contemporary standards, and original compositions to clubs, concerts, parties, and events thoughout the NJ/NY metropolitan area. As needed, guest artists are invited to perform with the trio including vocals, sax, trumpet, guitar. Thanks for stopping by.

  listen You're listening to a Sampler from our 12/23/2013 demo recording session [Full Session]
Brian's Vocal Samples: Devil May Care, Pick Yourself Up

Please email us at to discuss your interest in booking us for your event.

Sketches by Jennie Traill Schaeffer 9/8/2016